You’ve finally decided to take that step forward, be a man, and go out and find you a great strip clubs Barcelona! You’re sure it’s going to a great time. You have a lot in your mind: sexy women, good booze, good friends, and a great time. You’re really looking forward to going out, and you’ve spent hours planning and trying to make sure that your time at the club is perfect.

You’ve got it all covered: the amount of money you’re taking, what club you’re going to, who you’re going with, and how many drinks you’re going to down before the night is over. You’re itching to go, and you just can’t wait anymore.

That’s when you see yourself in the mirror, wearing your jeans, a button down, and a set of boots. It suddenly crosses your mind that maybe this isn’t what most people wear to a strip club. But, you haven’t gone before, and you’re not sure. This thought worries you: you don’t want to be that weird guy out, the one wearing an outfit that just doesn’t suit the occasion. But, what can you do?


Don’t worry! We’re here to help! If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, there’s no need to fear. While there isn’t a strict dress code for strip clubs in Barcelona, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you are wearing an outfit that is most appropriate. Some of it is for your comfort—and for hers. So, what should you wear? Keep reading below to find out. 


1.       Don’t wear tight clothes—Okay, so this might not be so obvious, but there is a reason you don’t want to wear your tightest pair of jeans when you’re at the strip club. Can you guess what it is? We’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the male anatomy. When you’re getting excited or even getting a lap dance, you don’t want to have something pressing uncomfortably against your tight jeans—or worse, onto her. Make sure that what you have pants that are soft and loose enough to hide any issues that you may have going on and that are comfortable enough so that if something does go on, you won’t be uncomfortable during your time at the club.

2.       Wear soft clothes—not only should your clothes not be tight, but you should make sure that they are soft. Why? The reason might be obvious. If you have a woman in your lap, you want to make sure that your clothes don’t irritate her skin. Because she’ll probably be wearing next to nothing, you should ensure that your clothes aren’t bothersome. Having coarse clothes can put a quick end to your lap dance and make the experience awkward for you both. Wearing soft clothes will make the process go smoothly and give you the leg up in appeal.

3.       Wear underwear—okay, this one might sound a little ridiculous, but trust us: there’s a reason for it. Though you may think it seems like a good and exciting idea to try and go commando for the full effect of a strip club, the reality is much different. Why? The answer might seem a little graphic, but in the interest of full disclosure we have to let you know: some biological reactions require that men put as much cloth between their anatomy and a stripper. And, we don’t mean an erection. Let’s imagine a quick scenario, and we think you’ll get our point.

Let’s say you’ve found a beautiful and attractive woman who has decided to give you a lap dance. You’re excited. She’s beautiful, the girl of your dreams, and you didn’t think it would ever be this easy to have someone like her with someone like you. While it’s understandable to be excited, things go a little too far. What do we mean?

Well, you’ve got a beautiful girl grinding in your lap, and before you know it, you lose control, and you’re left in a stick situation … if you know what we mean. You want to make sure that the girl doesn’t know and doesn’t have to come into contact with anything that you might have expelled. Wearing underwear adds an extra layer so that you don’t have to embarrass yourself in front of the girl. If she finds out, not only will she probably be disgusted and leave, but she’ll think of you as an amateur or rude. You want to avoid this situation by wearing clothes that will protect you from this kind of mishap.


4.       Don’t reveal yourself—our final point of advice is to make sure that you cover up and stay covered the whole time. Don’t wear clothes that are potentially revealing, and certainly don’t discard your clothes in the heat of the moment. Remember: you’re not the one being paid to strip, and she probably doesn’t want to see you naked. Exposing yourself to her may result in not only charges of assault but leave you with a bad image and reputation. Don’t spoil the fun of the night by doing anything that may be deemed inappropriate. You obviously don’t have to wear a suit and tie to the strip club, but you should make sure that whatever you are wearing is appropriate for almost any casual occasion. 


Choosing the perfect outfit to go to a strip club doesn’t have to be stressful. Though you want to make sure that you leave a good impression and don’t come across as an amateur, there are only a few soft guidelines that you should follow in order to ensure that you are dressed for the occasion. Remember that most wardrobe choices are made simply with the comfort of you and the girls in mind—namely protecting you against embarrassing biological reactions. Making sure that you protected fully and appropriately at all times can add to your experience and let you enjoy the club like you never thought possible